You can actually be a better person with heavy metal


Heavy Metal Can Make You a Better Person
written by: Profanefanblog

Heavy Metal Can
Make You a Better Person

They say that heavy metal music is for misfits and people
with without social connections. They can never be further from the truth.
According to research, the music can actually make you a better person. Here is

Support Networks

Groupies on heavy metal are always competing for space with
pop. Since pop has a larger listenership, a good number of its fans get
involved to fit in and not to because they love it. If you become part of a
heavy metal groupie, you will feel like you belong, and that somebody will
always have your back. Friendships acquired from heavy metal clubs will
transcend social inhibitions.

Helps Alleviate Sadness

Heavy metal is a platform to take all the built up anger and
channel out in a legal way. It is a place to escape to temporary. Most of the
heavy metal fans have it a great place to escape without engaging in dangerous
behavior such as drugs, violence and emotional abuse.

Creates Lifetime Friendships

How would you love to make lifetime friendship with people
you have similar interests? That’s what you get from heavy metal. Research
shows that friendships made by people with similar interest last longer because
people have common things to engage in.

Gives a Platform to Vent

Aggressive music helps you vent your anger in a legal way.
Instead of engaging in violence or destructive behavior, you will play on your
metal guitar aggressively and hopefully get rid of your built up emotions.

It is a Less Destructive Form of Addiction

What would you rather get addicted to? Is it heavy metal or
drugs? Heavy metal music is aggressive in some mild way. It allows you to get
the adrenaline rush without destroying your life or those of the people close
to you. Since it borders a little on the edge of being dangerous, it will also
give you the macho feeling that is associated with risky and violent behavior.

â€Reminiscence Bump’

There is nothing as good as being able to have fond memories
so that when you are sad, you can reach out to those memories and have a great
feeling for yourself. People who are fans of the heavy metal have always been
able to relate with their past by just listening to a number that was great in
their â€glory days’. By having this rich reservoir of aggressive music, you will
not only be working towards a happier life but also getting an escape route
that is not illegal or dangerous.

Do not trust the so called expert analyst when they say
heavy metal music is unruly and wild. It is unruly in a good and legal way. It
allows those who would otherwise have no friends to relate with find their
kind. And yes! It will make you a better person.


check out this video I found on YouTube on it.

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